A Nice Apartment for My Dogs and Me

When I first started looking at apartments in Revere, I put a filter in my search to only show results for the complexes that allow animals. I have two terriers, and there is no way that I would move into an apartment if they are not allowed to be there with me. Since I would only look at those ones, it actually took quite a few out of the running for me. I looked at a few, but I think I knew the moment that I saw Hickory Trace Apartments that it was the one I was most interested in.

I looked at the amenities to make sure that it had what I wanted, which it did. It has a fitness center as well as a really nice swimming pool, and both of those things are very important to me. What I was not expecting was such a nice tennis court as well as a business center, so there really was everything I could want there, and more. I also liked that there are places around the grounds that have picnic tables set up along with grills. more “A Nice Apartment for My Dogs and Me”

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