A Man and His Castle is Still a Viable Option Today if You Know Where to Move

There is a lot to be said about a man and his castle. I would like to own one. Not an old drafty stone structure with no glass in the windows, but rather the idea of the castle. You know what I am talking about. It is a place to hang your hat and hang a picture on the wall without being hassled. A place where you can have a family that includes your dog or cat. You can get that if you buy a home, but we were looking at apartments in Salt Lake City Utah. I was wondering if we could have all that we wanted in our own little castle and it be an apartment instead of buying a house.

We looked at an apartment for rent and was surprised that our castle criteria could be met in a modern way. Well, the moat of our castle is actually a fence and a gate, but that is just fine with us. The access is controlled in this gated community. That is a plus. We also have knights patrolling. Well, sort of. They are a night patrol that keeps an eye on things. That is also a plus. Our apartment already has a washer, dryer, refrigerator and garbage disposal. Nice amenities for a young couple to have without having to buy anything. We were just married, and this would be our first place together on our own. No more staying with parents until we could find a place.

My wife has a dog and I have one too. Now we are a family of four, and we have only been married a week. Finding an apartment that let us bring our two fur babies was very important to us. Our two dogs have bonded and we could never separate them now by leaving them with our parents. It is nice to know that we could actually find our castle here in this modern world and be able to afford it on our meager budget.

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