Cyber Monday Deals Make It Possible for Us to Get the Kids Nice Gifts

I think with the layaway plans, a little bit of Black Friday shopping and taking advantage of the Cyber Monday deals for 2015 that we will be able to give the kids a great holiday this year. I know that there are a lot of selfish kids out there. Ours are not. They use their allowances to help the poor. They are always doing charity drives and selling things to help the impoverished. They have known a bit of want themselves. It is not foreign to them. The bulk of the things we coaxed out of them that they actually want this year is clothing. However, as with all kids, there is at least that one electronic item that they would really like to have.

Our three kids this year have a mix of electronic things they want. One really does need a new laptop computer. The old one she has was her grandmother’s. It was one her grandmother used at her work, and the IT department told her she could keep it after they restored it to the out-of-the-box condition for the hard drive. It is old and slow now. The second child really is wanting her own cell phone. We think she is more than responsible enough to have a nice smartphone rather than the flip-phone she keeps on her to text and call us when needed. The little one wants a game console. He likes to play games.

The three items might not be big ticket items for some families, but they are for us. My husband and I have made plans since early this year to be able to get them one electronic item each during the holidays. They are great kids, and we think that should be rewarded rather than just expected. We cannot wait to see their faces light up when they receive the gifts.

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