I Had ADT Installed at My New House

When I moved to my new home, one of the first things I wanted to do was contact a local ADT security services company so I could get my new home outfitted with the most modern security equipment available to homeowners. I knew that I wanted to have ADT security because they are the best in the business. I wanted a company that has a great history of providing the help that homeowners and other people need in moments of distress. While I hoped that I would never have to rely on them for an emergency, I did want the peace of mind in knowing that they were there to help me if I needed it.

I had seen a lot of advertisements for ADT, which is why I decided to research them before any other company. After just a few minutes of looking at their history and prices, I knew that they were the company I wanted taking care of my family and me as far as emergencies are concerned. I was fully prepared to pay whatever it cost to get a system, so I was happy to see that the system is actually free along with the installation.

I would need to pay for anything extra I wanted as well as the monitoring services, but those fees are quite small for just about anyone. I looked over the different plans that ADT offers to their customers, and I was happy with all of them. I was able to handle everything right from the website where I got the information, and they sent a technician out to install the system the same day that I was going to move in. I didn’t want to be there even one day without a security system, so I was happy that they were able to work with me the way they did.

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