I Love My New Accounts That Someone Manages

I’m 65 and run a veterinarian practice. I’ve been doing what I do as a vet for about 40 years. I could retire, but I would miss all the animals and my clients in a big way. But things have changed in that it is important for businesses to be online. I don’t know much about those things, so I figured that I bet hire someone who could help me out on the online marketing side of things. I am busy enough as it is, and I just don’t have time for doing any extras myself.

Not sure where to start, I called a marketing agency and asked them what type of business could help me out. I should not have been surprised when they told me that they handle online marketing. So, they set up an appointment and asked me to come in to talk to one of their executives. At the meeting, I was told that my business needs to be on various social media platforms. I am on one of them, but only so that I can talk to old military buddies and see the photos my grandkids post on their. I don’t know anything about being witty and engaging customers. So, I asked if that was something they could do, and they were happy to tell me that they can.

Someone from the agency set up all the accounts that I needed. That same person takes care of them for me as well. I check in from time to time to make sure they’re not doing anything that I would not approve of. They have exceeded my expectations, to be honest. They get my clients to be engaged, tell jokes, ask them to post photos, give them discounts that I approve of, and much more. It is a good thing, I think

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