I Wanted to Get Directv

I wanted to learn more about Directv without actually talking to anyone about it. I am pretty shy, so I don’t like to talk with people I don’t know on the phone. Thankfully, the Internet has been an amazing resource for me in so many different areas, and I knew that I would probably be able to get all of the information I needed on Directv this way too. I was not disappointed in my search, as I was able to find information easily. I wanted to go to an official site, which is how I ended up on the page that I visited, as the company is an authorized dealer for Directv.

The first thing I did was look at the different promotional packages that were available to me. I was expecting just one package, but there were quite a few different offers involving different plans. I was not looking to spend a lot of money, but none of the packages even reached what I had been paying to my cable company for not even the largest package that they had offered to their customers. I looked at the different plans, and I was happy with one that was right in the middle.

I don’t watch a lot of programming, but I still wanted more than just the basic package. I knew that I would never look at all of the channels in the biggest package though, making me feel like I was a bit like Goldilocks looking for the perfect plan. Well, it did not take long for me to have the perfect one at a price that was definitely less than I had been expecting. Even when the promotion is over, I am not going to pay a large price, which makes me a satisfied customer already with Directv!

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