Is There Any Difference in Power Companies?

I am about to move to Texas, a little town between Corpus Cristi and the Galveston Bay. I was sort of curious when I learned that you could choose which power company you wanted in Texas. In this area I think that Reliant Energy and a couple of other companies are the main options. i have heard of Reliant, they use to have their name on the Stadium that the Houston Texans play. I think some other company bought the naming rights to that stadium now and that is about the only way I know anything about the company. If not for that I would not know them from the other names, they would be nothing else to me. I have lived in a couple of places and they always tell you who is going to hook your power up. In North Carolina it is Duke Power (which is part of a bigger entity called the Southern Company now) and in a couple of areas there is Carolina Power and Light or occasionally a rural collective. In each case you get what you get, the company has a monopoly over the area.

I really wonder if there is going to be any real difference. I suspect that the rates are going to be as close as they can be, because if they are competing against one another they pretty much have to be. If you are up against a guy selling apples for a nickle, then you have to sell apples for very close to a nickle. At least that is the only way you will have success. I would be thinking about how long it will take them to show up if there is a problem. There will be storms off the Gulf of Mexico and the power needs to be restored quickly.

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