Youth in the Florida Sun

I always heard that the luxury apartments in West Palm Beach FL were full of old people, because a lot go to that area when they retire. When I moved into the area, I learned that this was nothing but a myth. The area was filled with nothing but the same kind of young people that you would see on spring break. Maybe someone spread this misinformation around so that no one else would come to the area and they could have all of the young people to themselves. Either way, I’ve been having the time of my life in West Palm Beach.

When I first moved out here, I thought it was like moving into a rich neighborhood. I’m more used to lower income surroundings, so seeing so many rich people was like being among the elite. After a while, I realized that they were just normal people like me, only their bank accounts were bigger than mine. We enjoyed many of the same things, and most of them are pretty friendly. There are a few rude people who try to make things bad for everyone, but I had a couple of those in my old neighborhood too, so they don’t really bother me.

I went to a pool party at the apartments that was thrown by one of the residents as a birthday party. The pool was packed with people who had obviously been to the gym. It was almost like being at a photo shoot. I think I saw only a couple of people who were of average or husky build. There was one cute girl that I wanted to talk to, but I was a little too chicken to say something to her, so she came up to me, which was a first. Usually I’m the one that has to make the introduction, but she introduced herself to me and we had a long conversation. After some playing around in the pool, I got her number.

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